Make sweet treats fluffy marshmallows without eggs!

healthy marshmallows without eggs!


What you’ll learn

  • how to make the most delicious natural vanilla marshmallows.
  • we will made marshmallow thread or you can make animal muzzles or cartoon characters.
  • you can fry this marshmellow over a fire.
  • I will tell you about all the secrets of making and storing marshmallows.
  • I’ll show you how to color it.
  • I will teach the basics and secrets of marshmallow knitting and crocheting.
  • marshmallows.

Course Content

  • Funny little marshmallow sheep –> 4 lectures • 6min.
  • How to make marshmallows, knitting and croshey using marshmellows. –> 6 lectures • 33min.

Make sweet treats fluffy marshmallows without eggs!


  • thermometer (pyrometer).
  • a stand mixer or hand mixer.
  • silicone mat.


My name is Anna and I have been baking sweets for over 10 years.

Who loves sweets the most? of course children, so I have prepared a video tutorial for you, were you will learn how to make an amazing, super tasty marshmallow that children and adults adore.

Wile i worked with mashmallows for a long time, I have invented an amazing decor for cakes – knitting from marshmallows.

At the beginning of the video tutorial, I will tell you about the necessary ingredients, then we will weigh everything you need on the scales, after that I will tell you the secret of making marshmallows, tell you about its storage, coloration in different colors , then I will show you how to make threads from marshmallows and knit and croshey from them!

let’s start our journey to the wonderful world of marshmallows!