Learn Siemens S7-300 PLC & WinCC HMI or SCADA in TIA Portal

Siemens S7-300 CPU Level 1 PLC Programming with WinCC HMI Designing from ZERO to HERO as Quick n Clean

Any one can learn the Course without any pre PLC Knowledge.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Siemens PLC From the beginning.
  • Siemens TIA Portal.
  • Different Function Blocks.
  • WinCC HMI Designing or WinCC SCADA.
  • User Defined Function Blocks and Functions.
  • Siemens Memory Organization.
  • PLC SCADA Connection.
  • PLC To Excel Communication.
  • SCADA VB Scripting.
  • SCADA Object Properties.
  • Trends and Alarms.
  • Security in SCADA.
  • Recipe Control in SCADA.
  • PLC and SCADA/HMI interfacing.

Course Content

  • S7-300 Hardware Configuration –> 2 lectures • 24min.
  • Timers –> 2 lectures • 17min.
  • Counters –> 5 lectures • 22min.
  • Memory Organization –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Function Blocks Part 1 –> 6 lectures • 43min.
  • Program Control Operations –> 2 lectures • 11min.
  • Function Blocks Part 2 –> 3 lectures • 20min.
  • User Defined Objects –> 3 lectures • 18min.
  • introduction to Simatic HMI / WinCC –> 4 lectures • 51min.
  • Object Properties –> 4 lectures • 36min.
  • Trends and Alarms –> 3 lectures • 29min.
  • User Security and Recipe Control –> 2 lectures • 22min.
  • Scripting Basics –> 2 lectures • 23min.
  • PLC Excel Communication –> 3 lectures • 25min.

Learn Siemens S7-300 PLC & WinCC HMI or SCADA in TIA Portal


  • For Practice you need to Install TIA Portal, and Download Link will be provided.
  • Preferably a computer with i5 Processor or equivalent and minimum 4GB RAM.
  • Any one can learn the Course without any pre PLC Knowledge.
  • We will learn all the Siemens Things From Base to the Intermediate.
  • From This tutorial any beginner level guys will be able to Self program and test your Siemens PLC and WinCC HMI With TIA Portal
  • This Course also comes with the idea about the other IEC language LIKE LAD
  • Learning the course will be fun and could help you to boost your Logic and Coding Skills.
  • We can Program the S7-300 CPU with TIA Portal and also interfacing the WinCC SCADA or HMI With That.
  • Also learn The External Communications with the MS EXCEL Software using Third party Apps
  • Learning The Object movements and visibility in WinCC with application level Questions Will Make the Practice fun.
  • It includes Timers, Counters, Sequencers, Shifting instructions, Arithmetic, Data moving, Logical And program Control instructions.
  • Also You will be able to Create User Defined Function blocks that allows you to do your own specific task.
  • By Practicing the Application level Problems will make the Programming immersive easy and fun.
  • Problems and solutions will come at Basic , Moderate and Advanced.
  • The tutorial will make you to find the Realtime Applications of the logic and Function Blocks in the industries, Through Great animation.