SOLIDWORKS Customization using VBA

CAD Customization for Beginner’s & Working Professional

Welcome to The SOLIDWORKS Customization using VBA Course!

What you’ll learn

  • CAD Customization.
  • VBA Basics.
  • CAD Automation.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 9 lectures • 3hr 20min.

SOLIDWORKS Customization using VBA


  • No programming experience needed..
  • If you are CAD user, this course is easier to you..

Welcome to The SOLIDWORKS Customization using VBA Course!

This is one of the most comprehensive Courses you can found on online!

You will Learn :

1. Basics of VBA.

2. What is Customization?

3. Create Macro’s from scratch.

4. Basics of Add-In creation.

5. SOLIDWORKS API in a comprehensive manner.

6. Grasping the foundation of customization.

7. Career Opportunities.

After finishing the course, you can easily understand the VBA codes. You can enlarge your thinking capability of customizing the software.

Who this course is for:

1. Beginner who want to learn CAD customization.

2. Design Engineers & CAD Engineers.

3. Looking forward for Career Growth.

4. Looking to grasp programming skills.

CAD Customization?

CAD customization allows engineers to keep their core focus on product development without having to worry about support functions. The benefits of CAD customization include enhanced productivity, reduced human errors, and systems integration. In addition, customization and automation of CAD software enriches advancement in areas such as the digital thread.


  • Design process automation
  • Drafting automation
  • Macros development
  • API and toolbar customization
  • User interface creation

Steps for Creating a Customization

Before developing customized CAD software, make some preparations as follows:

  • Try your hands on a few simple drawings; follow a tutorial to see how the commands work.
  • Understand the kind of work the user does, identify the issues he is facing, ask for features the user would like to have.
  • Examine the available customization tools and find the most effective way to get the job done.
  • An deep understanding of the function library is an absolutely necessary condition for customization.
  • Use Software Engineering methods to plan the development of the customized system.
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