Adaptive Business Leadership – Context First, Then Content.

Developing Adaptive Business Leaders as Business Integrators and Business Innovators. – It is the CONTEXT that matters.

Providing a Condensed Learning Opportunity for your Condensed Reality.

What you’ll learn

  • See and learn the Business Systems logical relationships that exist within and among the many sections of the Business..
  • Anticipae the flow of the Business through these Relationships..
  • Simplify Complexity, Leverage Ambiguity, Anticipate Change..
  • Apply what you see and learn to innovate and integrate what you do to make better business decisions that accelerate your success as a business leader..
  • Your success requires you to periodically leverege this course to learn first which items are most important to you. These are the sections you must redo..

Course Content

  • Intro to SEE, THINK and CHOOSE your CONTEX for Adaptive Business Leadership –> 3 lectures • 1hr 3min.
  • Developing your CONTEXT for your Business to PERFORM, SENSE AND ADAPT –> 11 lectures • 3hr 18min.

Adaptive Business Leadership - Context First, Then Content.


Providing a Condensed Learning Opportunity for your Condensed Reality.

The world is changing whether we want it to or not.

Learn quickly to adapt where

Business Complexity, Ambiguity and Change is the norm.


What is the Existing World?                                Content

WHAT:     Efficiency of the Individual in their position.has

How:       Focus on the tasks at the bottom of the Business.

WHY:      Lack of Permission for the individual to deviate from assigned tasks in performing their job.


 What is the new world?                 Context; Then Content

What:   Effectiveness of the leader in their position.

How:    Focus on achieving Effective Business Results.

Why:    Granting Permission to the individual to choose the WHY, HOW and WHAT to do in performing their job.


Adaptive Business Leaders see their Business as an Operating System of Systems. A view that changes everything!

Logic navigating Relationships of the Operating Systems of Systems.

Simplify Complexity, Leverage Ambiguity, Anticipate Change.


Plan for Success:


3 RESOURCES (Things, People, Cash)  <—–   2 Activities   <—-  1 Expected Results


Execute the Plan:


3 RESOURCES (Things, People, Cash)  ——> 2 Activities   —- –>1 Expected Results

Sense and Adapt to Achieve Ambiguous Expected Results.



1. SEE and LEARN what these Relationships are and anticipate the flow of the business through these Relationships.

2. Apply what you SEE and LEARN to Innovate and Integrate what you do to make better business decisions to accelerate your success across the short-term, mid-term and long-term Business Results.


My recommendation to you as you progress through the slides in the 14 Lectures.

As each slide contains the complex relationships that exists for that slide; based on your individual ability to capture the information as it is presented, you can hit the pause button and take your time to read again this set of complex and ambiguous context, then, hit the start button to resume the presentation.

Each slide should be processed at the speed that is comfortable for you to SEE and LEARN the complex relationships.

The course contains 4 hours 22 minutes of video content uploaded. The value to you can be increased by extending your time to repeat to yourself the complex relationships you are learning on each slide.

When you experience multiple complex relationships on one slide first see and learn the new relationship and then combine the multiple relationships. Work this process through the course of the 14 Lectures.

When you get to utilizing the Adaptive Business Leadership Context you will find that the Complexity, Ambiguity and Change that you end up with in this week’s opportunity to excel, you will know where in the Course Context the relationships you need to find and renew you knowledge of before you jump into your next big opportunity. It won’t take long for you to do. It only covers what you SEE and THINK about this big opportunity. It gives you a lead over others in the battles of what should be done to win.

You will accelerate your performance utilizing this Adaptive Business Leadership when you get to performing in the view of your Employees and the combine Managers who you work with and for.


What do I do when my Business Changes?     Where do I start?                 Getting out of the ditch -NOW!

Why?     So, I can achieve my Expected Business Results and they won’t take my   Job or my Business.

How?     Make my assumptions come true. All plans are all assumptions forecasting the future.

What?    Find the hidden problem(s); that is where you will find your causal behaviors.

Don’t chase the symptom(s); they are just the must do activities unrelated to causal behaviors.

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