Ultimate Introduction to Design Thinking: EX and UX design

Design Thinking in HRM, Management, CRM, IT etc. Certification course for Beginners. Human-Centered Problem Solving.

Design Thinking Certification course for Beginners.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn What is Design Thinking in most simplified, beginner friendly way!.
  • Key Concepts and Methodologies in human centered problem solving in business scenarios for any professional.
  • How Design Thinking works to help build products, solutions, processes and innovations in Human Resources, IT, System Design, Hospitality, Sales or any Domain.
  • Understand some of the important tools in Design Thinking i.e., Empathy Mapping, etc..
  • Get Insights on how to optimize your creative problem solving by using Design Thinking Steps : Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Testing.

Course Content

  • Design Thinking Introduction to Concepts & Why it is so important to learn this. –> 6 lectures • 32min.
  • EX Design: Employee Experience Design – Design Thinking in HR –> 1 lecture • 8min.

Ultimate Introduction to Design Thinking: EX and UX design


Design Thinking Certification course for Beginners.

Design Thinking : A Human-Centered Problem Solving in different fields such as IT, Human Resources Management, General Management, Customer Relationship Management, Process or Product Design, etc.


A business problem can be solved in many ways. There are lots of creative ideas generated in new product or process design or in resolving business or process issues.

Managers, Professionals, Product / Process Designers have 100’s of ideas but all cannot be tested! Hence, the use of ‘Design Thinking’ in almost any of the streams today, such as : Information Technology, Human Resources, Employee Experience Enhancement, Engineering Industry, Architecture and just any of the business-related functions!

Design Thinking involves close observation of human behavior, observing how people (Employee / User / Customer) interact with their environments to find exact solution which can solve the Employee’s / User’s / Customer’s problem, without beating around the bush! After all, a great product or service that does not enhance an employee / user’s experience is doomed to fail.

What can you expect to learn from this course?


  • What is Design Thinking, Its Application and usage in different fields.
  • Why Design Thinking?
  • 5 Stages in Design Thinking: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Testing.
  • Introduction to Data collection methods.
  • Tools & Techniques in Design Thinking: Empathy Mapping.
  • Guide to understanding the 5 stages and its implementation in any field.

Learning outcomes after the course:


  • Get an insight into what, why and how of Design Thinking Basics, its 5 stages and its implementation for effective human-centered problem solving.
  • Able to identify the different stages involved in Design Thinking and its applicability into your own field of work.
  • Learn each stage with examples for deeper understanding and implementation.
  • You can plan to apply these techniques and tools in your field of work for process / product designing / innovation, Improvement of process and / or Solving business problems effectively.
  • Pick the right tools and techniques available for your line of work.
  • Succeed in your career by adding this hot skill into your resume.

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