Flutter & GraphQL Essential Course

GraphQL for Flutter Developers

A comprehensive online course for Flutter developers who want to build amazing apps with Flutter and GraphQL.

What you’ll learn

  • Build a Flutter app that communicates with a GraphQL API.
  • Write GraphQL queries and mutations with ease.
  • Build a GraphQL API with real-world data models and authentication.
  • Configure a client-side cache for optimal performance.

Course Content

  • Introduction & Setup –> 5 lectures • 11min.
  • Introduction to GraphQL –> 5 lectures • 18min.
  • Registration Screen –> 6 lectures • 41min.
  • Login & Logout –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Community Screens –> 8 lectures • 56min.
  • Profile Screens –> 13 lectures • 1hr 46min.
  • Post Screens –> 9 lectures • 1hr 17min.

Flutter & GraphQL Essential Course


A comprehensive online course for Flutter developers who want to build amazing apps with Flutter and GraphQL.

GraphQL can be intimidating at first…

But with a solid understanding it can greatly improve developer productivity and optimize app performance.

Here are a few common questions from developers trying to get started with GraphQL:

– How do I write queries and mutations?

– How do I work with variables?

– What is the “normalized cache”?

– How do I implement authentication?

– How do I use GraphQL with my favorite state management tools?

What’s included in the course:

We will build a community app similar to Reddit where users can create different communities based on their favorite topics. Within each community, users can create new posts, comment on posts, and upvote/downvote posts.

Introduction & Setup: In this section, you will learn about what GraphQL is and why it helps solve common problems for developers. We will also setup a Flutter project to get ready to start coding.

Introduction to GraphQL: You will create your own GraphQL API and learn how to write GraphQL queries and mutations.

Registration Screen: Here we will build our first feature with Flutter and GraphQL, allowing a user to register a new account. You will learn how to implement a GraphQL client, generate typed classes from your GraphQL schema and execute a mutation within your Flutter application.

Login & Logout: Implement both login and logout functions and learn the best practices for checking whether or not the user is authenticated.

Community Screens: Learn how to query a list of items from your GraphQL API, understand how the GraphQL cache works in Flutter, and learn why Dart Streams work so well with a GraphQL-powered application.

Profile Screens: Understand the GraphQL viewer pattern and GraphQL fragments while implementing user profile functionality. We will also progress to more advanced concepts like how to encapsulate logic, build clean & consistent UI and properly handle GraphQL errors.

Post Screens: Bring everything you’ve learned over the past few modules to build your own major set of features. We will also learn how to implement an infinitely scrolling list with GraphQL and how to leverage optimistic responses for a smooth end user experience.

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