Control Your Emotions – Transform Your Life 10 Day Course

Morning and Evening 10 day Guided Meditation to learn how to control your emotions

Meditation Therapy is a system of guided meditations that enable you to tap into your deeper thought processes and change your habitual thinking, the way you emotionally react and therefore your whole life.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Meditate easily and quickly.
  • Understand the different types of Meditation.
  • Multiple ways to initiate total relaxation and control your emotional response to immediate stimulus.
  • Positively change your habitual thinking to become more content and discover the joy within.
  • How to supercharge your decisions so that they become the corner that your whole life can turn around.
  • Discover the tools to understand yourself better and liberate the person you were meant to be.
  • Understand how emotions can energise your intentions to drive the changes you most desire.
  • How focused attention changes your perceived experience.
  • The secret techniques of ancient kung fu masters that enable you to have complete control of your emotions, whether you’re dealing with anxiety, fear, stress, g.
  • Whether you struggle to sleep at night.
  • Can’t find the courage to grasp the life you would love.
  • Unable to free yourself from the weight and inertia of despondency, bogged down by lack of options..
  • People looking to control their emotions.

Course Content

  • Day 1 –> 2 lectures • 31min.
  • Day 2 –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Day 3 –> 2 lectures • 22min.
  • Day 4 –> 2 lectures • 24min.
  • Day 5 –> 2 lectures • 22min.
  • Day 6 –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Day 7 –> 4 lectures • 38min.
  • Day 9 –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Day 10 –> 2 lectures • 21min.

Control Your Emotions – Transform Your Life 10 Day Course


Meditation Therapy is a system of guided meditations that enable you to tap into your deeper thought processes and change your habitual thinking, the way you emotionally react and therefore your whole life.

After a lifetime of studying and teaching philosophy & ideas in comparative religions, both ancient and modern, Sifu. Mark Ringer has a unique ability to bring together the principle concepts of ancient traditions with modern therapeutic practices. Following a decade of being Head of Faculty for Philosophy and Ethics Sifu. Ringer has spent the last decade entirely focussed on teaching Kung Fu & Chi Kung with all its esoteric mind training techniques. As a certified Hypnotherapist & Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming it would be difficult to find any one better able to guide you through your personal, emotional and spiritual transformation.

With an easy and friendly style, Sifu. Ringer has recorded these meditations and wisdom teachings that, until recently, were only available to his Kung Fu students. Following the tradition of the ancient Kung Fu Masters, his teaching encompasses a philosophy of life that is supremely practical, making it easy to learn & apply, enabling you to master the art of living by understanding how to master yourself.

In this series of 10 days of meditations, you will discover some of the most useful wisdom hidden within the symbolism of the Ba Gua, though you need to know nothing about it before you begin. Using recent developments in neuroscience, you will be able to easily assimilate and make the most use of these ideas in your everyday life.

The programme consists of two videos every day.

A guided morning contemplation will encourage you to spend some time each day considering and understanding these, often life-changing, concepts. These morning contemplations present predominantly axiomatic ideas, that is truths that you perceive to be evident once you understand them, and therefore are easily assimilated into your individual philosophical approach to life.

The evening guided meditations will teach you how to easily meditate and will follow on from the morning’s thoughts and are designed to help you embed the wisdom you have considered and enable you to derive the most benefit from these teachings.

You will discover a different way to think about your world. Simply, a more philosophical approach to life. This is practical philosophy that will enable you to take control of your habitual thinking as well as your emotional responses to different situations. This means you will be able to choose your predominant emotional state and know how to mitigate your emotional reactions to different stimuli. You will know how to begin changing yourself from the inside out.

These ideas progressively enable you to transform your life by developing your attitudes, expectations and even, should you choose, aspects of your own personality. Remember your personality creates your personal reality. That is to say, the way you habitually think not only reflects the world you believe you live in, but is hugely responsible for creating the world you believe you live in, for perception is everything.


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