ArcPy for ArcMap Level 1: Python Programming for ArcGIS

If You Want To Learn Python Programming Basic To Advanced For ArcGIS, Then This Course is For You.

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What you’ll learn

  • Python Programming Basic To Advanced.
  • How to Use Python in ArcGIS.
  • ArcPy.
  • How to Use ArcPy Script for GIS Work.
  • How to Download and Install Software for Python and ArcPy.
  • Python Script Writing Techniques with Logical Explanation of Each Script.
  • Thinking Language To Programming Language (Tips To Start Any Programming Easily).
  • ArcMap Python Window and IDE.
  • Tricks To Write Short ArcPy Script and Make It Easy To Understand.
  • How To Work with Multiple Data in Python Script.
  • Variable, Operator and Variable Value.
  • Array and Indexing.
  • Condition Based Programming.
  • IF, ELIF and ELSE Statement.
  • Example of Condition Based Programming in GIS Work.
  • IF Statement For Population Based Analysis.
  • Loop Based Programming.
  • While Loop and For Loop.
  • Function, Class and Object.
  • Use of Object, Class and Function in ArcPy Script.
  • Mapping Object.
  • MapDocument() Function.
  • save() Function.
  • How save() Function Works in ArcPy Script.
  • type() Function.
  • len() Function.
  • pop() Function.
  • remove() Function.
  • append() Function.
  • sort() Function.
  • __init__() Function.
  • Constructor Function.
  • Range Function.
  • Object Constructor.
  • Add, Count and Sorting Array Elements.
  • Function Parameter and Argument.
  • *Parameter.
  • Indentation.
  • Example of Array in GIS Work.
  • Nested IF Statement.
  • PASS Statement.
  • Script Logic of ArcPy Library.
  • Python command Line in ArcGIS.
  • How to Write ArcPy Script in PythonWin.
  • For Loop Advanced Script.
  • Nested For Loop Script.
  • Purpose of Function in ArcPy.
  • How to Work with Different Type of Data.
  • String Data.
  • Integer and Float Data.
  • Long Integer.
  • Sequence Type Data.
  • List Data.
  • Mapping Type Data.
  • Dictionary.
  • Calculation.
  • “in Variable” and “not in Variable” Query.
  • Positive Indexing.
  • Negative Indexing.
  • How to Unpack List Data with Separated Variables.
  • How to Create Dictionary in Python Script.
  • Function Inside of A Function.
  • How to Avoid Argument Mistakes and Error Message.
  • Script Saving Mistake and Correction.
  • How to Use Multiple Script Windows in PythonWin.
  • How to Write Comment in Python Script.
  • Save and Load ArcPy Script.
  • ArcPy Script to Save Map Document (.mxd).
  • Identify Data Type By Using Python Script.
  • Word Searching With Python Script.
  • Multiple Instructions in One Line Script.
  • Multiple Conditions with “OR AND” Operators.
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Which One We Have To Use, ArcMap Python Window Or IDE?.
  • Selection of Script Writing Environment Based on Script Purpose.
  • Case 1: Script Which Contain The Word “Current”.
  • Case 2: Script Without Opening ArcMap.
  • Case 3: Edit Script.
  • Case 4: Quick Script.
  • Python Script vs Other Programming Script.
  • Benefits of using Python in ArcGIS.
  • Python for GIS Professionals.
  • Python advantages over ModelBuilder.
  • Python Libraries.
  • ArcGIS Python API.
  • ArcPy Script Writing Environment.
  • ArcGIS Python Window.
  • ArcGIS Pro Python Window.
  • Python Command Prompt Window.
  • Ipython.
  • Troubleshoot to Get PythonWin in All Program.
  • How to Open Python Window in ArcMap.
  • User Interface of ArcMap Python Window.
  • Script Window, Help Window and Interactive Window.
  • How to Get Help from Help Window at Script Writing Time.
  • User Interface of PythonWin.
  • Open, Save and Run Script.
  • How to Get Script Result.
  • Indentation Error.
  • Print Function.
  • Single and Multiple Line Comment in Script.
  • Comment in ArcMap Python Window.
  • Conditions for Variable Name.
  • Assign Multiple Variables in One Line Script.
  • Change Variable Value.
  • File Extension of Python Script.
  • Script Name of Different Data Type.
  • Differences Between Set Data and Dictionary.
  • How to Set Data Type Manually.
  • How to Use Integer as Float Data or String Data.
  • How to Use Float as Integer Data or String Data.
  • Differences Between Integer and Float.
  • Float With Scientific Notation.
  • Float Data with “e” (Exponent).
  • How to Count Total Number of Characters in String Data.
  • How to Search A Word in Long String Value or Paragraph.
  • How to Identify A Word is Exist or Not in A Long String Value.
  • What Does True/False Mean as Script Result.
  • List Data Structure.
  • How To Input Multiple Data in List Data.
  • How to Count Total Number of Data in a List Data.
  • Length of List Data and Dictionary.
  • How to Input Multiple Variables and Values in Dictionary.
  • Keys and Values of Dictionary.
  • Adding List Data in Dictionary.
  • Count Total Number of Variables or Keys in Dictionary.
  • Select Variable of Dictionary.
  • How to Create Array in Python Script.
  • Comparing Array with Attribute Table.
  • Search and Identify A Data From Array.
  • Changing A Data of Array.
  • Remove Element From Array.
  • How Index Works in Array.
  • Range of Indexes.
  • Comparing Range of Indexes with GIS Attribute Table.
  • Practical Use of IF Statement in GIS Work.
  • Comparing Population Data of 2 Years with Python Script.
  • How Loop Works.
  • Loop Increment.
  • Loop Break and Continue.
  • While Loop in Array.
  • Differences Between While Loop And For Loop.
  • In Where We Can Apply For Loop.
  • Indexing in For Loop.
  • How to Create and Call A Function.
  • Differences Between Function And Library.
  • How to Add Multiple Parameters and Arguments in A Function.
  • How to Create Default Argument in A Function.
  • Function With Indexing and Loop.
  • How to Use Array and Index Number in Function.
  • How to Use For Loop Script inside of A Function.
  • List Data Variable As Argument.
  • Object Property.
  • How to Create Class and Object.
  • How to Add Function in A Class.
  • __init__() Function Parameters as Object Properties.
  • Advanced Class With __init__() Function.
  • Function As Object Property.
  • How to Import ArcPy and its Objects.
  • How and In Where “Current” Argument Works.
  • How to Connect PythonWin with ArcPy Library.
  • What Type of GIS Task We Can Do By Using ArcPy in PythonWin.
  • Script Writing Differences Between ArcMap Python Window and PythonWin.
  • Troubleshooting If ArcMap Python Window Shows Error Message With Correct Script.
  • ArcPy Script File Extension.
  • Pop-up Menu of ArcMap Python Window.
  • Python Window Format.
  • Script Font Settings.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 29min.
  • Software Installation for ArcPy –> 2 lectures • 12min.
  • ArcPy Script Writing Environment –> 3 lectures • 17min.
  • Python Programming –> 5 lectures • 52min.
  • Working with Data –> 6 lectures • 47min.
  • Working with Multiple Data –> 4 lectures • 26min.
  • Array and Indexing –> 7 lectures • 1hr 5min.
  • Condition Based Programming –> 5 lectures • 46min.
  • Loop Based Programming –> 6 lectures • 47min.
  • Function, Class and Object –> 5 lectures • 48min.
  • ArcPy Script Writing Techniques –> 4 lectures • 35min.
  • Assignment –> 0 lectures • 0min.

ArcPy for ArcMap Level 1: Python Programming for ArcGIS


  • Learners Just Need The Interest on Python Programming For ArcGIS..

Are you Thinking like this…

  1. You want to Learn Python Programming for Your GIS Career.
  2. You Don’t Have Any Previous Knowledge of Any Programming and You Want to Learn From The Beginning to Advanced of Python Programming.
  3. You Don’t Know What is ArcPy and How to Use It to do GIS Task.
  4. You Don’t have any Software for Python and ArcPy.
  5. You Want to Learn Logical Explanation of Each Script To Understand Very Well.
  6. You Want To Learn Script Writing Techniques Very Well as Expert Programmer.
  7. You Want to Learn All Type of Functions, Class, Object, Data, Condition and Statement of Python Script.
  8. You Want to Learn Some Tips To Start Any Programming Language.
  9. You are searching for Advanced, Cool, and enjoyable lectures on Programming.
  10. You want to learn Shortcut Script Writing Techniques of ArcPy.

Then This course is for you, Because in This Course…

  1. You will Learn Everything about Python Programming and How to Use Python in ArcGIS.
  2. You Don’t Need Any Previous Knowledge of Any Programming. In This Course, You Will Learn From Basic To Advanced Python Programming and It will make You Zero to Hero in Python Programming.
  3. You Will Learn What is ArcPy and How to Use ArcPy Script To Do Our GIS Task.
  4. You Will Learn All Steps to Download and Install Necessary Software for Python and ArcPy.
  5. You Will Learn a Detail and Logical Explanation of Each Script Line of Python and ArcPy Which will Make You More Expert.
  6. You Will Learn Script Writing Techniques of Both Python and ArcPy in ArcMap Python Window and Also in IDE as an Expert Programmer.
  7. You Will Learn All Types of Functions, Classes, Objects, Data, Conditions and Statements of Python Script.
  8. You Will Learn Magical Tips and Tricks To Start Writing Any Kind of Programming Language Easily.
  9. You Will Get Advanced, enjoyable and Interesting Guidelines in Every Lecture, So That You will be Playing With Python in The Field of ArcGIS.
  10. You Will Learn The Tricks To Write Short ArcPy Script and How To Make It Simple and Easy To Understand.
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