Intro Data Science Workshop ← School Computer Curriculum

For Grade 8+ or Adults!


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the role and fundamentals of data and data science and gain experience in all stages involved in data science.
  • Rack up your technology skills when it comes to working with data and spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Learn how to utilize data formulas and charts inside a spreadsheet table.
  • Complete a hands-on, personalized, and real-world data science project that involves all stages of data science.
  • Practice designing your own data science project and creating online surveys to collect your data.
  • Practice working with data like a professional data scientist, from collecting raw data to analyzing it and delivering results.

Course Content

  • Course Overview –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • What Is Data Science –> 4 lectures • 59min.
  • Data Science Project –> 11 lectures • 2hr 23min.
  • Conclusion –> 1 lecture • 3min.

Intro Data Science Workshop ← School Computer Curriculum



In this all hands-on project course, students get their first real experience of data science by playing the role of a professional data scientist. The course starts off with a couple of hands-on spreadsheet table assignments to get students equipped with basic skills on working with data, using Google Sheets (or Excel). We then jump right into the independent data science student project–Data Science Project: Understanding My Community Better–in which the students aim to study how their chosen local community compares to everyone else, with respect to a chosen topic. They will do the work involved in every stage of data science: problem statement and research, setting up online surveys, raw data collection, data organization and cleaning, data analysis using formulas and charts, and finally identifying and presenting results.


  • School computer curriculum ready – Suitable for a 20-week middle or high school term
    • For teacher curriculum bundle see Termeric Education website.
  • Classroom-tested – This course was taught in a 20-week semester for 9th graders in a real school. The content level and volume is appropriate and suitable for a typical 20-week school semester, for all junior or high school grades. Each unit below could span 1-2 weeks in a real classroom setting.
  • Practice working with data in Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheets
  • For Grade 8+ or Adults!
  • 11 units (~20 Weeks)
  • 2 assignments
  • 1 independent student data science project
  • Lecture slides and other resources


  • Section 1: Lectures
    • Unit 1
      • Role of Data in Digital World
      • Use Cases of Data Science
      • Stages of Data Science
    • Unit 2
      • Spreadsheet Table Basics
      • Types of Data
      • Homework 1: Create Excel Table: Nutrition Data of Your 5 Favorite Fruit Picks
    • Unit 3
      • Spreadsheet Formulas
      • Spreadsheet Charts
      • Homework 2: Analyze Your 5 Favorite Fruits Data
  • Section 2: Data Science Student Project
    • Unit 4
      • Data Science Project Overview
      • Research Area Selection
      • Research Topic Selection
      • Problem Statement Selection
    • Unit 5
      • Select 2 Questions for Online Polls
    • Unit 6
      • Set Up Online Polls
    • Unit 7
      • Collect Raw Data
      • Organize Data in a Table
    • Unit 8
      • Clean Data
      • Sort Data
    • Unit 9
      • Analyze Data
      • Use Formulas and Charts
    • Unit 10
      • Identify Results
    • Unit 11
      • Present Results
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