Microsoft Powerpoint in 1 hour: Beginner to advanced 2022

Microsoft PowerPoint guide that are easy to apply at work! Become a good PowerPoint user PowerPoint course training

What you’ll learn

  • Knowing the basics of Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Carrying out regular tasks faster than ever.
  • Create sophisticated and well-organized PowerPoint presentations.
  • improve your workflow and design skills.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 1hr 16min.

Microsoft Powerpoint in 1 hour: Beginner to advanced 2022


  • Install Microsoft PowerPoint.



The recording material is been used in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 on a Windows PC, it  is relevant to PowerPoint 2010, 2013 and 2016 2020!.  Not usabel for the MAC user. because  the videos are recorded with the Windows Office version of Microsoft PowerPoint.        You may sea some differents between the Powerpoint programs. But this is the basics around the Powerpoint area.


This Miscrosoft Powerpoint has differant sections


– The introduction

– File information ( Tools)  menu

– advanced Texture and colours

– Using Dia & menu of Powerpoint & extra tools

– These techniques easy to use


Microsoft Powerpoint from beginner to a Advanced user. This course will take you through one of the best software program presentation. Almost 90% off the companies uses Microsoft Powerpoint. It is very popular tool on the market. I have been using Powerpoint  as a instructor for almost 16 years. I will guide you step by step, how to use Powerpoint. Improving your skills? I will develop and improve your skills! You will be amazed what kind off techniques and tools you can use in Microssoft Powerpoint. are ready to be more productive and creative, i will help you go to the next step.


If you complete this whole course. You will be a advanced Powerpoint user. Thats means more confidence going through any Powerpoint presentation. Down below you will sea the things that you will be advanced.


– Building the advanced presentations

– Animate your own Powerpoint

– Adjust advanced Powerpoint presentation of other users

– Pick the right Microsoft PowerPoint Layouts for the right Content

– Making clean Powerpoint presentations

– Independent Powerpoint using

– and many more…


You can do this, what are you waiting for, enroll now and take the next step from beginner to an Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint maker!

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