Pivot table basics in 30 minutes

Using wordle as a mechanism to remember the functions

Pivot tables made simple.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic pivot table usage.
  • Defining the data.
  • Creating the first pivot.
  • Copying pivots, moving pivots and refreshing pivots.
  • Basic filters.
  • Manipulating pivot fields to display your summary.
  • Adding slicers to simplify your pivot analysis.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 9 lectures • 32min.

Pivot table basics in 30 minutes


  • We will take you from first principles, but you will need to have basic familiarity with Excel..

Pivot tables made simple.

The techniques you need to master pivot tables and make your data analysis easier.

100s of hours of study and practice package into 30 minutes of practical and memorable ways to learn pivot tables and bring them into your toolkit.


What we’ll study: Defining and preparing the data, Creating pivot tables, Moving and copying pivots, Basic pivot analysis, Basic filters,

Advanced filters, Manipulating the pivot to display your summary and more!


Who I made this course for

Anyone who work with lists of data who need to quickly slice and dice to summarise


Meet your instructor

Adam Kramer

Spreadsheet fanatic Many years developing systems for organisations. Taught hundreds of in person and online sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is this chalk and talk? No – we encourage you to work on the data as we go

2 I’ve tried to learn pivot tables before. Why will this work? We have a themed way to teach the syllabus in a memorable and easy to recall way

3 Do you do this course for Google Sheets? Yes, we do

4 Do I need prior experience of Pivot tables? No – we will take you from first principles, but you will need to have basic familiarity with Excel



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