Develop Awareness in 9 Areas, Be Confident & Grow in Career

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Hello Friends,

What you’ll learn

  • 1. 9 pillars of self-awareness.
  • 2. 3 categories of self-awareness.
  • 3. 8 benefits of becoming more self-aware.
  • 4. Self-awareness history, what major religions have said.
  • 5. 2 types of insights of self-awareness.
  • 6. Understand inner working of your mind with NLP model.
  • 7. Pillar 1-Learn power of beliefs with experiment of 5 monkeys and bananas.
  • 8. 4 step method to find your limiting beliefs and replacing them with new beliefs.
  • 9. Pillar 2-Method to find your values (what is most important to you).
  • 10. Pillar 3 & 4-4 room model to find your strengths & weaknesses.
  • 11. Pillar 5-find your passion.
  • 12. Pillar 6-find your unique ability.
  • 13. Learn why you behave a certain way with 90-10 Iceberg model.
  • 14. Pillar 6-Emotional awareness – Wheel of emotions.
  • 15. Pillar 7-Thinking/behavior patterns.
  • 16. Stimulus & response concept to become aware of your inner power.
  • 17. Maslow’s 5 level pyramid of human needs.
  • 18. Pillar 8-Awareness of how you impact others.
  • 19. Pillar 9-Awareness of how others perceive you.
  • 20. Get clarity in 8 aspects of your life with wheel of life tool.
  • 21. 10 ways to develop your awareness.
  • 22. Set SMART goals which give you clarity.

Course Content

  • Awareness history, introduction and 9 pillars of awareness –> 6 lectures • 1hr 7min.
  • Build 2 pillars of awareness – values and beliefs –> 7 lectures • 1hr 5min.
  • Find your strengths, unique abilities, weaknesses and mind patterns –> 6 lectures • 50min.
  • Develop your emotional awareness –> 6 lectures • 34min.
  • What type of environment do you need? –> 5 lectures • 44min.
  • Build better relationships with knowing impact on others and other’s perception –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Analyze your career and life in 8 aspects and set SMART goals –> 3 lectures • 23min.
  • Summary –> 2 lectures • 8min.

Develop Awareness in 9 Areas, Be Confident & Grow in Career


Hello Friends,

Do you know what it takes to be successful consistently?

Your education? Your understanding? Your ability to use your degree knowledge? Guess, what another ingredient is important. Technical skills will take you only so far and at some point, you will stagnate. Yes, I am talking about the soft skills. These skills which are internal to all of us –include communication skills, listening, collaboration skills, negotiation skills and emotional intelligence. How do you start building soft skills? One must start at the foundation, right? This foundation is your self-awareness. With this course, I am going to help YOU to make your foundation VERY STRONG, on which you can build other skills easily.
In this world where many people overestimate how self-aware they are, by taking this course, you will take a big and important step to learn who you are, how you impact others and how others perceive you.

Now, think about this – you have a new friend, this friend was a complete stranger first. When you start knowing him/her, you start to like some of his/her characteristics. Similarly, once you start knowing yourself better, you start loving yourself more.

Becoming self-aware is the first and very important step in your personal growth. Self-awareness is also the foundation of emotional intelligence. This course teaches you the importance of self-awareness and helps you to become more aware of your life and career. You will learn 9 pillars of self-awareness which are values, beliefs, strengths, passion, unique ability, weaknesses, thinking/feeling/behavior patterns, impact on others & other’s perception of you.

You will explore different models such as Johari window, NLP communication model, wheel of emotions, wheel of life, pyramid of human needs & SMART goal setting, which will help you to gain greater clarity, build confidence and connect with your personality.

Next, you will learn 3 categories of awareness: thinking, feeling and doing, so you can make important changes to your life and career and see new results.

This course is all about being more effective in anything you want, whether you want to….
• Get that dream job after college
• Get a promotion or pay raise
• Work more effectively with people
• Become a leader of your own life

You will not only learn, but engage yourself in activities and take tests to discover more about you. You will gain a deeper understanding of your mind with NLP communication model. Next, you will become more aware of your thoughts, emotions & behavior and as a result, you will be able to make required changes in thinking & behavior and you will be able to regulate emotions effectively.

What some of my learners have said…

Got lots of clarity in life
, I used to waste lots of time during the day, now I am planning and executing better. My personality has changed because of your awareness course, it is a transformation for me.
– Sadhana Pande, Entrepreneur, Mumbai (India)

Amazing course. I got lots of clarity and loved the wheel of life activity, which helped me to plan. Mayur’s training helped me in my business growth.
– Akshata Warge, Entrepreneur, Mumbai (India)

Mayur is a wonderful instructor. He gave very detailed knowledge about self-awareness, which helped me in my career.
– Prakher Srivastava (India)

This course is for anyone interested in understanding themselves better and implementing appropriate changes. The course requires you to do some reflective thinking, to get some feedback and to discuss your development with others. At the end of this course, you will have your own action plan to help put what you have learnt into practice to see results.

I am excited to guide you. Action is what produces results in life. Enroll in this course & get access to 37 videos.

Benefits of this course

1. Become aware of your real potential
2. Make your foundation strong, so you can build other soft skills easily
3. Make fast decisions and make lots of decisions
4. Increase in your confidence
5. A job that is more aligned with your unique strengths
6. Your satisfaction in your job increases as you love your work
7. When you know more & better, you can be proactive rather than reactive
8. When you are self-aware, you’re never shocked by your own behavior
9. You are honest about who you are and you are able to really hear what your loved ones say to you, even if their words are critical
10. You as a self-aware person will know that it’s important to make peace with those who hurt you but to not give them the power to hurt you again
11. You know and understand your limits and are able to improve those
12. Ideas and inputs for goal setting
13. Managing your emotions in conflict
14. Aids self-control
15. Helps you find a job/get a promotion
16. Better able to anticipate and persist through stressful situations
17. You will spend less energy on managing perceptions
18. You can plan and utilize your time better as you are aware of your daily goals, strengths & weaknesses
19. You work effectively with coworkers, family & friends as you are aware of your action’s impact on others and you are aware of others’ perceptions about you
20. Strengthens your relationships with others

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