Effective Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity

Become More Productive with Proven Techniques for Managing Your Time More Effectively

Are you looking to get more productive by managing your time better?Don’t we all waste more time than we would admit?Well, we have the solution!

What you’ll learn

  • Our comprehensive easy-to-follow Time Management course gives you the tools, skills & proven techniques to boost your productivity and get more out of every day.
  • The course has its own workbook & Action Plan, downloadable in the first “Course Introduction” module, so you can practice and reinforce what you have learned.
  • You will get a great insight into prioritization, avoiding Time Robbers, planning, delegation, SMART goals, how to get organized and time mapping.
  • Module 1: How to Prioritize :: Prioritizing Your Work » Values and Priorities » The Prioritization Grid » Urgent versus Important » Benefit versus Effort.
  • Module 2: Time Robbers :: About Time Robbers » Time Robbers Imposed by Others » Time Robbers Imposed by You.
  • Module 3: Planning Your Work :: Benefits of Planning » Tools for Efficient Planning » Planning vs Scheduling » Five Minutes Before the Hour.
  • Module 4: The Four D’s :: Dump, Delay, Delegate and Do » Using the 4 Ds » Guidelines for Keeping a Piece of Paper » What Makes the 4 Ds Easy.
  • Module 5: How to Delegate Effectively :: What is Delegation? » 5 Levels of Delegation » 5 Steps to Delegation » Keeping Responsibility » When You Can’t Delegate.
  • Module 6: Setting SMART Goals for Yourself :: Set Goals NOW » Know What You Want to Accomplish » The Three Ps of Goals » How to Create SMART Goals.
  • Module 7: Getting Organized :: Benefits » To-Do Lists & 80-20 » Your Workspace » E-mails » Batching Technique » Streamlining & STING » Meetings & Phone Calls.
  • Module 8: Time Mapping :: What is a Time Map? » Scheduling of Demanding Tasks » Productivity Analysis » Using Technology in Time Mapping.

Course Content

  • How to Prioritize –> 5 lectures • 12min.
  • Time Robbers –> 3 lectures • 11min.
  • Planning your Work –> 4 lectures • 11min.
  • The 4 Ds –> 4 lectures • 9min.
  • How to Delegate Effectively –> 5 lectures • 10min.
  • Setting SMART Goals for Yourself –> 4 lectures • 12min.
  • Techniques for Getting Organized –> 7 lectures • 15min.
  • Time Mapping –> 4 lectures • 10min.

Effective Time Management Skills to Boost Your Productivity


Are you looking to get more productive by managing your time better?
Don’t we all waste more time than we would admit?
Well, we have the solution!

Whether you’re new to the subject and need a solid foundation in time management, or want a new course to provide a “best practice” refresher, this course is a great skills enhancer and provides a reference for whatever you may want in the future!

With every ZandaX business and personal development course, you get a workbook with an Action Plan (downloadable from the short “General Introduction” module at the start of each course). These are a great addition because they enable you to revisit and review your progress in a structured framework that is proven to work.

Our business and soft skills presenters have been chosen for their clarity and professionalism in getting the message across. You’ll be engaged as well as educated!

And we don’t woffle! Do you want to sit through hours of over-explaining before you get the knowledge you need? We doubt it! So we make sure that everything is covered in easy-to-follow video lessons, and we get to the point so you make the best use of your time.

The course teaches you:

  • How to Prioritize – using the Prioritization Grid that suits you
  • Time Robbers – those imposed by others, and the ones you create
  • Planning Your Work – Guidelines and Tools for effective planning
  • The Four Ds – using a simple but effective way to manage your tasks
  • How to Delegate Effectively – knowing when, how and whether to delegate
  • Setting SMART Goals for Yourself – how to make sure you’re aiming right
  • Techniques for Getting Organized – here’s a whole batch of proven tools
  • Time Mapping – using time maps to boost your productivity

Each lecture is self-contained, so you don’t need to sit through them all: once you’re at a comfortable level, you’ll be able to use this as your reference library, where you can select what you want to view.

The course is aimed at anyone who wants a focused, practical guide to getting more out of every day – and reaping the benefits of higher productivity that will follow.

Upon completion (and with a little practice…) you will be able to use some amazingly simple, but highly effective, techniques to manage your time better than you’ve ever done.

We’ll say it again: don’t forget the course workbook and Action Plan – downloadable with the first “General Introduction” module at the start of each course – which uses in-course summaries and assessments with post-course reviews to really help you to develop your skills. And don’t forget to revisit and review the course as often as you want!

So this course is genuinely much more than just a talk-through video. We don’t think you’ll find better value, so why not enrol with us now?

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