Become YOUR Child’s Academic Mentor

Help your child improve on level of concepts, problem solving skills and exam performance

Is your child not good in academics?

What you’ll learn

  • How to help your child improve on level of concepts, problem solving skills and exam performance.

Course Content

  • Become Your Child’s Mentor –> 8 lectures • 50min.

Become YOUR Child's Academic Mentor


Is your child not good in academics?

Does your Child has little chances of getting into his / her dream college like IITs, AIIMS or any other institute of your dream?

If Yes, would you like to help your son / daughter improve on concepts and problem solving skills?

Watch PREVIEW videos of this course to know ‘How this course can help you Become their Mentor’

Enrol in the course to get complete knowledge, actions and strategies to make your son / daughter take RIGHT ACTION in their studies. Once applied properly, this course will help your child score great marks and rank in the exams they wish to excel in.

These strategies include:

1. How to read text books thoroughly?

2. How to build great concepts?

3. Ways to develop exceptional problem solving skills?

4. How to remain calm in exam environment and master exam temperament?

5. How to remain motivated, focused, disciplined and consistent in your studies no matter what grade you are?

6. Overall this course gives you a skill called ‘SELF STUDY’

This course is designed by Rohit Kakkar, IIT Kanpur alumnus with AIR 1299 who mentored 1000+ students in their competitive exam preparation. Those who applied what he taught got laurels in their life.

Please watch this course atleast 2 times, make proper notes and apply everything mentioned here.

This will save you lakhs of rupees which might be spent in making your ward study in PRIVATE college. Also provides you an opportunity to create desired future for your Child.

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