Your English success: Motivation and Energy in learning

Dramatically improve your language results with a fully qualified and experienced English teacher and language coach

Studying languages and have problems with motivation?

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and increase motivation in learning languages.
  • Setting up powerful language goals.
  • Becoming well organized student (planning, prioritizing, time management).
  • Learning practical studying tips. Learning more effectively.

Course Content

  • Your English success: Motivation and Energy –> 8 lectures • 48min.

Your English success: Motivation and Energy in learning


Studying languages and have problems with motivation?


Thanks to this course you will dramatically improve your language results either you study at school or doing self-study course. You will learn how to motivate yourself, set up language goals, how to organize your studies to achieve spectacular language goals and much more. You will also get to know useful and practical study tips on how to study grammar and vocabulary. The course answer four key questions:


1. Why to study?

  • Why do you really want to study English?
  • How this will improve your life and career?
  • What is motivation in studying languages?
  • What is your true motivation?

2. How to study?

  • How to study English more efficiently?
  • How to study grammar?
  • How to study vocabulary?
  • How to improve reading, listening or pronunciation skills?
  • How to study outside your course lessons?
  • How to memorize better?
  • How to study faster?
  • How to make productive notes?
  • How to set up language goals?
  • How to motivate yourself in a day-by-day learning routine?

3. What to study?

  • Why speaking is absolutely the most important skill to learn?
  • Which should you focus on apart from speaking skills: grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, pronunciation?
  • Which of them is the most important and compliant with your language goal?

4. When to study

  • When do you study?
  • What time do you study most productive?
  • How to become more organized?
  • How to manage time more effectively?
  • How to keep the balance between learning and free time?
  • How long do you need to study to get the expected results?


COURSE LEADER: Peter Zajaczkowsky, Head English teacher and a language coach


  • 15+ years as a General English and Business English teacher (including 8+ years of teaching online).
  • 6+ years as a Language coach and Life and Business coach.
  • 15,000+ hours of teaching English
  • 4,500+ successful graduate students (99,5% fully satisfied)
  • 50+ companies trained
  • 25+ teachers trained and mentored
  • Working and travelling for the last 15 years, living in 5 countries. Educated in New York, US, and London, UK. At the moment based in Munich, Germany.


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